Stormy Week

May 10, 2010

Hey everyone,

Wish all those who are mothers, capable of becoming mothers, a very happy MOTHER’S DAY.
I gotta call my parents yesterday because it was Mother’s Day, which was nice, but then I found out I’m totally not homesick…haha!

It’s a strange week, we’ve had all sorts of weather, sun, wind, rain, and even snow. And it that pattern, my week went kinda in that way too…

Started off pretty good, been getting better at talking to people, getting to them open up more, showing more love and interest in everyone we OYM (open your mouth) <— mission talk for speaking to ppl. And got some people who were interested. But as the week moved on, it became slower, it was full of potential, but the sun disappeared, and it was raining cats and dogs, and even snowing, and our appointments were washed away in the storm, lots of them fell through, I swear Saturday just past was such an unmotivating day, but things only improve when you have hope in your heart, and had a fantastic dinner at a member’s for mother’s day, got to know some long time less active members. People are very nice, but sometimes other stuff like work becomes more important and takes them away from the straight and narrow path, but there is always hope!

I’m heading downtown today, to check out Chinatown, and some architecture! Anyway even if I had time to type more, there isn’t that much that happened this week. So what I’ll do is just post some photos in the following posts.

Elder Lau

to DXML. – The Book of Mormon or the BOM! is more than just a book, it is scripture, read Moroni 10:4-5 and test out the promise written in there. Also, you still "staying" at Becky’s or just living there now?
Our fixed way of life, that pattern of wasting time away can get v.comfy, but don’t let seemingly "good’ things in life take you away from the essentials ones!

to Sarah – hmm…I miss my ps3…and I’m sure FF13 looks fantastic, but hope ur job is goin smoothly and find it more fulfilling, whenever you find life is frustrating, just stare at the sky and admire the paintings in the sky, its looks better and more interesting than any computer games can ever look!


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