Just another mundane week? I guess not!

April 26, 2010

Hello everyone, hope all are doing well, if u doing better than well or worst than, let me know also.

Couple of cool things happen this week, oh it was transfer week, nothing’s changed, same area, same companion, although in my district, 4 out 5 missionaries speak cantonese, and the other companionship is mandarin. So if we want, we can speak just chinese at district meetings!

1) We helped translate for our investigator’s mum at a parent-teacher meeting, it’s been so long since I’ve been inside a school, and first time in one of those meetings, but it was fun, and the mum is actually way cool, hopefully can turn her into a investigator soon.

2) Our car got broken into by possibly a crazy drunk person, who left blood traces all over our car…think they smashed through the driver side window with a bat and reached into open, so cut their hand in the process. Now we have a bloody car, and a bloody everything in the car, and I can say the word "bloody" as an adjective without it being bad word!

3) Instead of just boring tracting (knocking on doors), we are doing a survey about family and life instead to get people to talk to us more. She spoke to a old lady who had the happiest look on her face when we gave her a Book of Mormon, and in 15mins or so, we got to know her quite a bit in a short time, so definitely something to carry on with!

4) We’ve started a Family Home Evening about a month ago, it has grown from strength to strength and yesterday night, had a record turnout of 15 people, 20 including missionaries. Had a total blast playing a game I made called " Pot of Mystery" where people write questions they thought of but never got an answer to, some were totally hilarious questions, and some spiritual ones which got people into good gospel discussions, by coincidence, I picked the question which read, "Why is Elder Lau always so hungry?" , dunno why people wondered about that but, simply because "Life is too short, and there are too many good food I’ve yet to eat!" In a smallish living room, we totally packed it out, it was quite a good fun atmosphere, but it was kinda stressful keeping interest of all the people, but nevertheless, it is great FUN!

Well, until next week, take care!

Elder Lau


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