Stayin’ Put.

April 19, 2010

As I thought, with many things going on, and creative projects getting started! I didn’t think I would be moved from this area or Markham Ward so soon. And I’m staying put, not moving, but have been added some new things to do, one of them is to entertain people at nursing home for 30mins, x2, every 1st Saturday of the month. If I’m honest, I not particularly excited about it too much, because I have no idea what to do for it, and something like that takes a lot of planning. But I guess that is what makes missionary so exciting! So like all things, face towards it, and find a creative solution to it!

A lot of missionaries around me, especially the Mandarin work has gone through a big reshuffling. The next six weeks would sure be interesting, we have not 3 HK people in my district, the other 2 are assigned as Mandarin speaking. Apart from transfer, nothing too exciting has happened this week. Except, I’m just really enjoying it here. And as I realised what day it is today, already past mid-April, I’ve already been on my mission a bit, and quickly approaching 1/2 a year. It was November when I left, it has gone WAY too quickly, and will go quicker yet…2 years on a mission is too short…

For those of you having hard times in yourself, two words, Endure WELL.

Elder Lau

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One comment

  1. Yo!

    I want to send my best wishes in your direction.

    I am struggling to come out of my “Fixed way of Being,” that perhaps we’re both familiar with…

    … and getting much enjoyment from it in the sense that, I’m much more aware of what I’m actually doing to what I think I’m doing. So results I am getting in my life aren’t catching me offguard anymore.

    I’ve been looking through the book of Mormon you gave me, I see its essentially more stories and lessons to benefit one’s life and set them on the path to enlightrnment, fogiveness and redemption.

    Reading your posts keep me informed of your transformation which is the key reason I follow them… because I am enrolled in who you are transforming into.

    My comment may be a little awkward because of the time I’m writing it but my (kokoro) is in it fully!

    Ganbaru-yo~ ~~ ~o

    All the best


    (A bit late to mention this but GOW 3 is super intense like a raging bushfire that doesn’t know how to abate, only get more violent -played it at an expo)

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