Let the Holy Spirit Guide

April 12, 2010

I hope using a title of a hymn as a topic isn’t breaching copyrights…haha…since when have I ever worried about copyrighted stuff…I guess since now…? This week has been a good week, overall. General Conference last weekend, and a most wonderful Easter President’s Missionary Musical Fireside, I dunno if they have those in England, but they are SO worth getting yourself to if you in Toronto. Last night was so good, a fireside with as many people attending as a stake conference, the Spirit was sweet, the music was sweeter…it was just awesome, if the stake centre had air-con, it would’ve been perfect!

A short entry today, but 2 cool things to share.
First, a rather active 70-year old investigator, Mr. Lam, haven’t been able to contact him for 2 weeks, (because we typed the wrong number in the phone…so dumb!), visited him for first time in 2 weeks, first thing he asks, holding his precious Gospel Principles manual, "I was reading this thing called baptism, that you have to do to join the church, there are some things I don’t understand, please explain it to me." Me and my companion were like sweeeeet! This is excatly how you want every investigator to be right?

Two, Was preparing a lesson in the morning before church for an "eternal" investigator, he wanted to know how prophets are chosen. So I was reading a conference issue of Ensign Nov 2007, because there is a slightly related article, about revelation and moving forward in faith, then an imaged zoomed into my head, the cover of an Ensign which issue I have not read, so searched through our box of old Ensigns, lo and behold, I found that issue of the cover I saw in my head! It was the issue where the current First Presidency was annouced! Inside, found a article, "What happens when a prophet dies?" with a step-by-stepy summary of the process works! Perfect right!

Just happy to be able to have to such sweet things this week… the power of personal revelation is REAL. Let the Holy Spirit Guide you in your daily lives.

Take Care peeps.

Elder Lau out.

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