SMILE! It’s positively infectious!

April 6, 2010

That’s my catchphrase for this week.

This week has been probably about the same as last week, but I gave on up feeling sorry for myself very quickly, and did a LOT of finding last week, and moved on to thinking of new ideas to find people, especially this week, the weather has been superb, the temp is about 25 degrees Celsius, and been walking round without my suit jacket, my companion has been in short sleeve shirt as well, it’s the hottest spring in record history in Toronto! Even when we are walking around finding, it makes your mood better when the sun is shining.

I think I’m rather happy this week because I was able to spend the whole weekend listening to General Conference, receiving spiritual nourishment, listening to those talks have been great! I hope everybody enjoyed it. This time was much more family oriented, but it was very educational.

For those who do have friends in Toronto, they should be safe for the meanwhile, because I’ve been feeling rather can’t be bothered to drive, so I’ve only driven once this week. It was amazing how much difference General Conference made to my week. Though I still feel I could be a lot more effective as a missionary, a lot of time is still leaking here and there all over the place. I need to repair my bucket so that time doesn’t leak away like water.

Because of the good weather been getting up at 6am and playing Ultimate Frisbee with my district of missionaries in the morning, it is great fun, and a great way to wake up…but getting up early everyday is hard work however. We have other things to get on with on this p-day! So until next week.

Bye take care.

btw. you can listen and watch General Conference (for the first time or again!) on www.lds.org


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