Sweeping Currents

March 29, 2010

The only way I can describe how I feel this week is like so:

Ever stood on the beach, enjoying the waves brushing up past your feet, but when the wave returns towards the sea, you feel the sand underneath your feet being washed away, and you find yourself having to find firmer footing?


The currents of the river flowing pushing you along in a kayak or canal, and you are doing everything you can to paddle upstream, but your efforts don’t seem to effect the direction you are going?

That’s kinda how I’ve been feeling this week, sounds a bit confusing I know…but this week, everything felt like it was going ahead, and I found myself getting pushed along, and carried amidst the waves of this ocean, that is missionary work, and found myself that I’ve been standing on loose ground, in terms of my habits, and patterns I’ve grown comfortable with, but when things get tough, I’m too often treading water, and even found myself having to swim against the current just to stay on course. Let’s make it simpler to understand. Everything went OK, even fairly well, but I have no idea what I’m doing that is improving myself, or any sense of progressing…just being pushed along, or even coasting along. I’m doing missionary work, I’m being a missionary, but I don’t feel like I’m getting close to being a Christlike missionary or even a consecrated missionary.

One thing that has been really bugging me is my inability to find enough time to do the things that I need to do, today is the 29th March, and this morning, I was writing up or catching up my journal. and writing 4th March… it just isn’t the same when you don’t write it on the same day. And found myself all of a sudden been bombarded with distractions in my mind, football, games, music, even anime and Gundam! I went on a mission to do the Lord’s work, but feel so inadequate this week…

There have been a lot of good things happen this week…but can’t seem to find anything that stick in my mind, maybe I included an extract from my letter to mission president next week.

I’ve been told, I’m authorised to drive on the wrong side of the road starting April 1st, my companion said it’s a April’s Fool joke on me, but in case it is not….you know anybody in Toronto, WARN THEM, because there lives are in DANGER!

Take Care.

Elder Lau


One comment

  1. !!!
    dont be discouraged! keep up the good work!
    heres a little treat…
    😉 i may not know much about the game but my lil bro has been playin the new final fantasy, the graphics are amazing! from my novice eyes anyway ^^ lol sorry i cant really tell you more than that.

    i know exactly how you feel! Ive been doin my test job for a month now and through this month i have felt like argh whats the point! and get so frustrated with it but ive gotten to the end. hand in was on friday and it was like being at uni again! will see if it has been worth it tomorrow!

    i’m sure like everything else the reasons and clarity of mind will hit you later.

    Stay Strong! x

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