Mumble Jumble…

March 22, 2010

Some people compare brains to sponges, the way it soaks everything up, things we see, hear,etc… Well, my sponge feels like it has been squashed a couple times, soaked up some water and thrown around the place. For some reason, I’ve been able to function as a missionary with not much problem, but I’ve had the hardest time collecting my thoughts together, have not been able to concentrate or focus on one particular thing. So this week has felt lost for me personally, especially as I’ve just become more busy, so busy that I don’t even remember or know what I’m doing with my time. Well, one thing for sure is that I probably spend way too time in the kitchen and tidying my desk, if you lived with me before, those are two things that I always tend to do.

Well anyway, since nobody answered my questions pertaining to football or video games last week, maybe it’s because I wasn’t suppose to get distracted. So anyway, so wanna say this week has been a good week in general, the weather was warm, except for last 2 days, and got enough people to teach about the gospel for the meanwhile, I think we have 6,7 people we are currently teaching every week, anymore, and it’ll be harder to manage, but we are still trying to find them, because as will all things, the more the merrier!

There has been a lot of fun stuff, one of which is Family Home Evening, which is basically, me, hosting the entertainment for the evening for about a group of 10 people, playing games, sharing short simple lessons. etc… It is actually very enjoyable for me to do, but I sometimes feel that entertaining people is probably not part of a missionary’s job, but I guess as since a missionary doesn’t really have a defined job description, I guess anything goes right? I’ll get some pictures of Family Home Evening in the future…

But I attached couple of pictures, one is Toronto Temple, another, is my companionship as it was last transfer, the current one is without the tall thing one in the middle, and a picture I took of my missionary badges, they look cool right? If you want one, all you have to do is go a mission…totally worth it just for the badge alone! Last picture is just something i ate for lunch…Food glorious food!

This entry is a bit disjointed, and there is no real flow of logic, but that the way my brain is working this week, I’m gonna see if I can get it fixed soon…until next time….take care!

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