A Wonderful Week!

March 1, 2010

This has been a great week, full of missionary work!

My kind sister would be providing the rest of this entry.

Take Care everyone!


Louise: yeah uhm… he told me to summarise this email that he wrote to the mission president.. (the “dad” of the East Toronto mission.. i think)… and yeah its a great email.. i think better than all his emails and entries so instead i think i’ll just copy and paste the whole thing on there… it is a tad long.. but its really good! well i thought it was – i think it really paints how he really is  and how much he loves those investigators ^^ (… its not because i’m too lazy to summarise.. really it isn’t ^^;;)


Dear President Eyre,

As a response to your email last week about finding new investigators, and an effort as a companionship to make big improvements on the number of finding hours this week. We really wanted to push to have as many effective finding hours as possible, to get the five investigators for this week. Although in the end, we were only manage to get one new investigator. There have been many miracles that happen for us this week, not only because in the mission plan that 2010 is the year of miracles, but we really wanted to have the faith to see those miracles happen. And this past week we’ve been so blessed for the work we’ve put in.

Something that we’ve been doing as a companionship is to dig into the rich resources that the Area Book offers us, we’ve sorted all the former investigators into ones we can drop by, call, or both. During each day, we’ve planned time to visit these people, call them throughout the day, and have seen some measure of success out of them, although we’ve haven’t had a new investigator from doing this, we were able to visit on several occasions people who still have interest to learn about the gospel, and were pleased to see us. There have been instances where those people have not been there but others have been placed in our paths by the Lord that we were able to tell them about the wonderful message that we love to share with them. So just through those efforts, we’ve been able to get some appointments and potential investigators for next week.

This week has been a good week for the most part for teaching investigators, finally found time to visit and teach Amy, taught her about the Plan of Salvation, and she really loved it, also gave her a Book of Mormon Stories so she can read it to her granddaughter as bedtime stories, and her reaction was so wonderful, she said “Why didn’t you give this to me earlier!”, but unfortunately, the cold weather affected her health, and so she was unable to come to church this week. Last time we taught Tony, the 14 year old young man, I didn’t think we taught to his understanding, so for him, we role played to teach simply, and to use object lessons to make it more interesting for him, and the difference is so visible, he was a lot more engaged, and has continue to come to church with his LDS friend. One of our investigators, Au, who we taught last week, although pray and read, was unable to receive or recognise the promptings of the Spirit, to know whether he received an answer to his prayer about Joseph Smith and Book of Mormon, so we spent most of the lesson trying to help him recognise that feeling, but it was difficult as he was he spoke very little english at all, so somethings I wanted to say, I didn’t know excatly how to, and likewise with my companions as he spoke Cantonese quite quickly, ended up with him saying that exams and school are higher priorities for him, and he would be busy for the next 2 months, but we left him with Alma 32, to help him relate that the same way he received an testimony of Jesus Christ and faith in Him, the same way he can gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon, we will be looking to invite him to come to our Family Home Evenings as he is, at this moment in time more interested in the social aspect of church life.

With the whole week, we’ve been wanting to get members to come teaching with us, and we haven’t been able to the whole week, until yesterday, and miracles really happened when the right member comes teach with us, the difference it makes is irreplaceable. After church, we were able to teach Mr. Chan, whom we were considering dropping before, because he had not shown any real interest and has not been progressing although we met with him 4,5 times before, usually he goes to the Bayview Ward because is closer, but yesterday, he came to Markham, so we asked the member who knew Mr. Chan to fellowship him at church, and to teach with us afterward. As Elder Stanavige puts it, “It was at least a 120% improvement from the last time we saw him.” With Bro. Sin sitting in the lesson with us, not only could we more fully understand his dialect of Cantonese, which is a slightly different from the one I speak, Bro. Sin was extremely good at relating what we taught in context to Mr. Chan can understand, Mr. Chan not only thoughtfully answered the questions we asked, but also asked questions about things he didn’t understand, which he never done before, we taught about Sacrament and how it reminds of the Atoning Sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ, because he goes to church in Bayview most weeks, but didn’t understand the purpose or the meaning of the Sacrament, and as we explained, about renewing covenants, and about baptism, we felt prompted to invite him to be baptised on the 28th March, which he accepted without much hesitation, soon after he had to leave because he need to be somewhere else. We as a companionship were left rather bemused by what just happened during that lesson, but nevertheless, was overcome with joy! In the evening, we visited a former investigator, Mr. Meng, who was tracted into by Elder Andersen and Winkle, we really felt that we need a member there, and Bro Tsui was kind enough to come with us, and we were so glad he came, because from the moment we sat down, they got along very well, and even helped resolved some concerns about how science and religion conflicted, that was extremely helpful, because there were somethings that Bro Tsui talked about that we didn’t really know and understood. Today I really saw for myself that teaching with the right members makes such a difference, and so thankful for the unexpected gift of Mr. Chan accepting our baptismal invitation.

From Chinese New Year, we got several red pockets, which is part of the culture, but they had money inside, so we looked for opportunities to reinvest that money by buying gifts to give to investigators and less actives, also resources that we could use to teach with. So apart from the Book of Mormon Stories we gave to Amy, on my trip to the temple, we were able to buy the Children Hymnbook with the CD to give to a less active member, Selina Chan who we’ve visited and has seen progress a lot by having an emphasis on family in the lessons we share, because she has a very young daughter, Belle, and they both like music, so it has worked out very well this week, Selina came to church for the first time in a while, we gave her the gifts so that she could sing and play piano from the hymnbooks. A family theme has been involved in most of the lessons we taught to less actives because having the gospel in their home, to have the environment where they can feel the Spirit is so important.

This week, been reading 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon, and have really enjoyed the concluding chapters, and so many thoughts have come my way that I can learn from to help me be more effective, but I still have some way to go to make my personal study time as effective as possible, same with companion study, as we still lack decisiveness and sometimes dwell too long on certain things when planning for investigators, sometimes at the cost of a shorter role playing time.

This has been a great week to be serving in this area, and I’m so so glad to be here.

Elder Lau


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