My Dear Family, Friends and Blog…

February 22, 2010

First of all, I like to apologize on being rather short and light on emails in the last couple of weeks, you CANNOT possibly imagine how busy it has been…so I’ve attached a few photos with this email, the IMG_005 is probably not the best one to send, coz I looked totally chilled out there, but believe me, I’ve been struggling to get up last couple of days, because it is so tiring.

Reason being, it is CHINESE NEW YEAR WEEK, the whole of last week, and this ward, wanted missionaries to do something for it, that has been one of the biggest worries looming overhead for the last week, as with all young people around 20’s, whether they are students, missionaries, whatever, leave things till the absolute last minute. So we were told in January to prepare a presentation, a sketch that has to be funny, have a message attached, and hopefully connectd to Chinese NY as well. Well, we didn’t come up with any solid ideas until 2 weeks before deadline, and had even less time to prepare and practice. So you could probably guess how well that went? Luckily, not as worse I thought, though in my mind, it looks like complete chaos, but people seem to have enjoyed it. Also, one thing that is so different about this area, is the lack of spending, there is no real need to spend money on food, as we have tons in the kitchen, get feed and give food often, which is all good! Especially for a stingy person like me, whether is my own account, or my missionary fund account, I like seeing nice big numbers on my statement…

More missionary related topics, this transfer has been really hard for me, at times I’ve really struggled, as I’m still so new, and both my companions likewise, but me being the only "fluent" cantonese speaker, I feel the burden is heavy, but I know that we are all trying so hard to follow Christ, and be more like him, especially in showing Charity, to help and love and support each other. To be able to grow, I know that we will come out of this experience, faster and stronger(spiritually, but probably not physically). Teaching work has really starting to pick up, getting in contact with more investigators, teaching more lessons than at the start, everything is starting to slowly coming together and improving.

I’m enjoying being here as a missionary so much, although it is not easy, nor do I expect it to do, but right now, there is NOTHING I would rather be doing right now!

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