Out of Time

February 8, 2010


Wish you all sucess with education!
Wish you all good health!
Wish you all things go well for you!

YEAR OF THE TIGER, I’ll be 24 this year, so old….

2010 is the YEAR OF MIRACLES

2 Baptisms in Markham Ward (Cantonese) in 2 weeks.

Super Busy! Missionary Work is FUN!

In August, because its the 50th Anniversary of the Toronto Stake/Mission, President Monson is gonna visit us, SO EXCITED!!!! becoz he was once the Mission President here!!!



  1. so jealous!! i cant believe it! ur gonna meet the prophet!! ><!!! aww i wanna go toooo… xx

  2. 新年快樂!!! 祝你心想事成!!!

    Happy New Year!

    sorry been meaning to leave a comment from like christmas! lol i havent forgotten you though!

    Just caught up with everything in your blog, sounds like its been an amazing journey so far. Glad that you are settling in and the pictures look great! Looks like you’re not finding it too hard to listen to people after all 🙂

    Life is moving along as usual, i’ll have my test job at work soon! meaning i will find out if i get to be permanent or not so i might find myself looking for another job soon! 6 months has gone soo quickly! Time flies when you’re having fun ^^
    🙂 not much else is going on in my life, will make sure to check up on your blog more often!

    Hope all is well,

    Sarah x

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