1st Transfer: NEWSFLASH

January 25, 2010

Whoa, big things happening this week, lots of things happening!

First of all, been teaching this 60 year old Jamaican guy, who is a artist, draws Biblical characters, and very spritiually minded, reads the Bible everyday, and understand so much about the need for the Restoration, and about Apostasy, how people listen to God, become rich and fat, and turn away. But it has been amazing teaching him, he was also the first person I’ve committed to baptism, he is scheduled to be baptized on the 21st Feb, exciting stuff erh? After 5 days of teaching him, he LOVES the Book of Mormon, and read it daily, KNOWS that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God! Just amazing. So thankful for this miracle and blessing at the end of my 1st Transfer( 6 weeks period).

And secondly, what is even more shocking, or unexpected, is that I won’t have a chance to teach him anymore, because (if you’ve been following this blog from the beginning) I started in an English speaking area, in a English ward, and I didn’t want to spend Chinese New Year, in one, well, NOW I’m not going to, because I’m being transferred to Cantonese work already! Too soon, I just felt we were just getting started where I was, but it is the Lord’s work, and I’m moving, nevertheless, I’m super excited to be speaking Cantonese full time, I have to watch my language tho, because my Cantonese is not so missionary standard sometimes.

So 2 BIG news this week.

My companion is going home from his mission, so it’s kinda sad to see him go already, but he lives in UK, so might see him again, he is lucky enough to see the World Cup in South Africa this summer tho, I envy him, sort of.

Thanks for reading!

Elder Lau

ps. I need some favours from the peeps in UK. 1) please notify me of any big transfers in Jan in the Premiership 2) Just give me a lowdown on Arsenal? 3) How sweet is Modern Warfare 2? (I think Dr Chan is a keen candidate for answering those questions) But all are invited to help out! Cheers


One comment

  1. I have been meaning to comment for too long… so now I’m going for it. HUP!!

    Firstly: I am so glad to see what a positive experience this has been for you so far. I read each of your experiences with raised spirits.

    Secondly: I am doing alright but still looking for a permanent J O B with no luck. Although everything happens for reasons right?

    Thirdly: Don’t you DARE stop this Blog because this will be a record of an important journey which (even when you think there is nothing to say) will hold many rewards for those who will benefit from them. Believe it or not I do concern about you so these Blogs are also an access to peace of mind for me.

    Fourthly: I haven’t been contacted by the brethren in Finsbury Park… also I have yet to read more of the book of Mormon. I am going to definitely read some more by the 17th of February… and in the meantime wish you well.

    Look after yourself.


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