110% Settled In!

January 11, 2010

Tomorrow will be my 28th Day in Toronto, that means I would’ve been here excatly 4 weeks! I think apart from 5 mins every week, where I would think about Arsenal, PS3, and Gundams(haha, my priorites are so wrong!), I don’t even think about anything I left behind ANYMORE. Things that I still have that connects my to my pre-mission life is probably just family & friends and music, “classical” music is allowed for missionaries, so I’ve slipped Final Fantasy OSTs, many Ghibli movies OST into that category.

I’m not going to moan about the cold this week, because since I got my new pair of gloves(sent from HK), which are SO warm, that hasn’t been something to worry about! Putting on lots of clothes, ear muffs and a beanie is pretty much part of my outfit now, and also boots, the snow and especially the salt is terrible for the shoes, so I wear boots everywhere. Apart from not enjoying the weather too much, life is good. I’m getting more familiar with the members of my ward, which is Don Mills Ward, Toronto Stake, although the members don’t really feed us here, some of the less actives(people who are members but don’t really go to church) are really nice to us, and have feed me and my companion on numerous occasions. So I go home stuffed to the brim once or twice every week.

But in case there are any illusions of me getting obese or fat, that ain’t happening, walking around in the cold for 5 hours everyday, burns a lot of energy, and I’ll probably just eating enough to keep healthy. Been able to budget my food shopping to less than $30CA a week, which is about 12quid, mind you, I’m eating pretty basic things tho, a meal at dinner time usually contains, cabbage, carrots, rice and some sort of meat. Cabbage and carrots are so cheap, and last forever! So been making myself some Okonomiyaki(japanese pizza/pancakes) whenever I have a little more time for cooking.

Had a really good fireside yesterday at Church, where the Mission President holds a meeting where a lot of recent converts and missionaries meet, and the recent converts bear their testimonies and share their love and joy for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was really nice…

Thats it for this week, good to know somebody is reading my blog, your commets means a lot to me. Gotta save some time to type emails to family now. Bye.


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  1. Hello Elder Lau,

    That sounds so like dixon being on a spaceship or something…sorry, been quite busy with work lately, so just been catching up with your blog…whats this no one cares for you anymore? lol…dnt think that, you still have SOME friends in UK…it is funny reading your blog, it seems you are kind of coping without FM?! but I think it is still early days, we will see what happens when u go turkey…anyway, sister of elder Lau, you r doing a gud job!

    Dr Danny Chan

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