Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Toronto!

December 22, 2009

I’m out of the MTC and freezing in Toronto!

I got here last Tuesday, I’ll be typing this on Monday instead of Friday now, as my P-day has here in CTEM(Canada Toronto East Mission) is on Monday.

So many things things to say, so little time, I don’t know where to start! So first, slept in Mission President’s home first night, with 6 other Elders in the same living room, nice & cosy… but the meal was so nice, to be able to real food cooked with love and care for the first time, and it was lasagne as well…so nice. Next day(wed), meet my companion in the morning, and my trainer or “Dad” in mission terminology, Elder Cooper, who has just 6 weeks left on his mission, resides in Cheshire England, somewhere that relatively near to Preston Temple, supports Man Utd, and lived in South Africa most of his life, so both of us in the companionship DON’T have a Canadian accent, and speaks English not American or Canadian (no prejudice intended).

Went out working straight away on Wednesday night after unpacking partially in the my apartment, each companionship have their own flat, and so Elder Leung & Elder Ip live far away, because one is mandarin, the other is cantonese. The apartment is OK, but could be better…

Been out tracting( knocking on people’s doors) most days and night, visiting people here and there, doing missionary work, and it is SO cold here, there is not one day where it has been in above 0 degrees celsius while I’ve been here, and they call this a “warm” winter here, to my surprise and everybody else, they have been no snow here, so no White Christmas.

Fast forward to Sunday, meet some people at church, the ward is about the same size as Selsdon I think, but we have 8 missionaries in this one ward! It is diverse, we have people from everywhere in the ward, with a large Philippino contingent. Still getting to know everyone, but they seem fairly nice and interesting people. Had Zone Conference yesterday, which is a big gathering of missionaries for Christmas, have music, have talks, they even served us Christmas dinner, with turkey, and everything…plus we got to watch our only movie of the year, “The Ultimate Gift” was what we watched, never seen it before, but it was quite moving and touching, so check it out!

P-Day is Tuesday this week because of that yesterday, it’ll be back to Monday next week, went food shopping, spent almost $60! But brought some long lasting essentials like rice, flour and oil…anyway, time’s up! Until next week.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

p.s. talk to some Mormon missionaries asap and get baptised!

Elder Lau


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