December 4, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I’ve got less than 2 weeks left at the MTC, looks like this time I can really start to get excited about leaving and let that anitcipation build up and motivate me.

This week has been sgnifacntly different, last week was a transition phase, not quite knowing what’s happening, mainly because of the disruption caused by Thanksgiving Day. But this monday, I’ve arranged my own new schedule to incorporate Cantonese lesson time with the Cantonese District and spend more time in the RC(Referral Centre), where i can chat to people who ask questions through Mormon.org.

Slowly but surely, I’m starting to rediscover and enjoy my time at the MTC again, the tiredness and the boring food, I’ve accepted as a fact of life, but doing RC seemed less like a chore than before, also while waiting for inbound calls and chats, I get ample time to to study Preach My Gospel in Chinese. Also I’ve just found out today, that Cantonese class teacher, Sister Pong also taught Jessica(my cousin currently serving in HK), I’m sure Sister Pong will love to know that as well.

I’ve also got new friends and classmates that I’m getting to know much better, in particular the two Elders from HK, Elder Ip and Elder Leung, Oh, I also have another new companion again! Elder Torres has been called to be Zone Leader, so his old companion is now mine new one. Elder Puriri, born in US, but from New Zealand descendant, football is his life! the proper football, so we talk about it all the time, doesn’t make the most spiritual conversational topic, but its all good! Sometimes when I talk to him however, I start thinking about my Saturdays in front on the PC, tracking every match, listening to Radio 5 Live, watchin Match of the Day, even miss playin Pro Evo on my PS3 and Football Manager… But I’ve chosen to leave those behind when I flew out to the MTC, and I won’t allow them to distract me!

Yet again, I’ve tasted what bittersweet sorrow feels like when I had to send more dear friends off this week, I especially miss a Elder Chung(Jung), who was like my older brother (he was actually older than me!) He is from Korea, and is definitely one of the kindest person I’ve ever met! I will miss him so much!

I’ve havent recieved any comments this week from my sister, so was just wondering how is everybody doing? new jobs? big things happening in your lives?

Messages to few individuals who I can’t email.

Rick – Congrats on your first GOLD medal, you’ve finally truly become GTUK Heavyweight Champions in Patters.

Danny – How is Medicine going? How is Arsenal doing? Have you played the new FM?

Dwayen – Have you been reading the Book of Mormon? Have the missionaries visited you?


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