November 21, 2009

Heya.. I’m Dickson’s sis… v sorry ppl! i only just posted all your comments to him ^^;; – i didn’t realise he couldn’t read them on here… so he might reply to them in the nxt post… or something…

OH! and also really sorry its taken me so long to do this but there’s this website which lets you send him letters for free (while he’s still at MTC provo.. which is til 15th now!) ^^ – which he’d reaally appreciate – its just like writing an email really xept he can have more than 30 minutes to read it haha… i think it works XP.. he won’t give me a straight answer to whether he recieves my letters or not but i think he does o.O

here’s the link:


and his details are: Elder Yiksum Lau (or whatever u call him i think – inc dik dik XP)

MTC Box#: 301       Mission Code: CAN-TORE 0105             estimated departure: 15/12/09

so yeah! write to him! he’d really appreciate it and would probably love to know whats going on in everyone’s lives so that when he comes back 2 years time everyone isn’t suddenly married off, super rich or in some other country n everything haha.. u never know XP… thanks loads ^^

Yiksee xx


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