3 weeks in MTC and more to come…

November 20, 2009


My departure date has been changed from 24th Nov to 15th Dec, an extended 3 weeks in the MTC(Missionary Training Centre)

I like to let everyone know that if I dont send you a email or letter, it’s only partially due to the fact that I’m a lazy person at heart. In fact, I have only 30mins email time every week and my schedule at the MTC starts at 6.00am and finishes at 10.30pm!, with no real time to rest or be idle except for 45mins each for lunch and dinner, and eating takes time as well, especially with queues nowadays, because 800 new missionaries arrived this week when only about 300 left, as MTC is not recieving new arrivals due to Thanksgiving next week. All other times at the MTC, I’m kept extra busy with classes, teaching activities and study time.

Had the opportunity to visit Salt Lake City today, to see the Salt Lake Temple, and all buildings around Temple Square. It was such a nice day out, and really uplifting experience. Can’t upload photos however. But really pretty place.

Next week however is going to be different, as my curren schedule runs out and all my classmates leave, my companions included. I’m gonna miss all of them so much, as they’ve help make my time at the MTC so far so great!

I don’t think I’ve talked about my companions, but I’ll introduce them briefly. I actually have 2 at the MTC, we are a threesome, no idea why, maybe because I’m special! Anyway, one is Elder Haydt Richter, a mexican with german surname, who is an otaku, apparently there are many otakus in Mexico. He agress that Shadow of Colossus is one the greatest game ever made! So he is cool! The other is Elder Dearinger, from Ukraine, he loves his sixpack, like to look good and talkes about his girlfriend quiet a lot, but he is a good guy!

I have other emails to write, so until next Friday (my p-day) I hope to hear from all of you, leave comments and my sister WILL forward them to me by email.

Btw, if you see Mormon Missionaries on the streets, please stop and talk to them, it’ll be the best thing you can ever do! Trust me, talking to them is better than talking to me, at least they won’t get angry when you wanna listen!


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