Genki des-ka minnai-san?

November 13, 2009

Genki des-ka minnai-san? Everyone how are you doing!?

I’ve spent 10 days at the MTC now, and it just gets better and better, loving every moment of it.

I’ve made some wonderful friends here, in particular there is a Elder Chu from HK, Elder Espi from Manilla, and Elder Fujii from Tokyo. Elder Fujii is the best ever, because he is japanese! I try and practice japanese as much as I can with him.

Life is good here, they feed you so very well, I think I’m on the verge of being proper FAT, i’m slowly closing in on the elusive 75kg mark! NOT GOOD. Things in the MTC are so cheap, and missionaries get discount, unfortunately I don’t have too much money to spend freely. The food however is free, and every meal is like a buffet!

I think there has been a big change in me, as the days went by, I’ve felt more passionate about the spiritual things in my life. Instead of focusing on the everyday life here, more and more, I write about the impressions and feelings i have from lessons, talks, and personal study. I feel like I’ve been able to recognize the Spirit much more often, and it makes me so happy.

Every morning there is personal Book of Mormon study, and through it I’ve felt the love our saviour Jesus Christ has for us, and the principles he teaches will do nothing but improve us and bring us closer to our Heavenly Father, to be able to feel the Spirit while at I’m at the MTC everywhere brings me so much warmth and peace inside.

Well I’m almost out of time on email, might not get chance to email next week, as it is my last p-day, I leave on the 24th Nov, and we get a tour of Temple Square and Salt Lake City. I’m so excited!


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