Alive & Kicking

November 6, 2009

I’m enjoying my time at MTC.

The people here are fantastic, so is the food!
The teachers are great, the lessons are wonderful.
I’ve meet good friends here, and my companions and fantastic also. (ran out of “good” words”

I feel that this is the right place to be right now.
It’ll really help my and my testimony to grow, the Spirit is so strong here.


Elder Lau.



  1. hope for a longer entry nxt time XP… a bit more detail perhaps? of u could just email us what u wanna write on the blog n i can update it for u on here.. i think i am an admin already coz i can post stuff here O.o

  2. Yo!

    I’m happy to hear you have arrived safely. It must be such a culture shock as well as a lifestyle shock even at the MTC. How is the training going? Many successes? Either way I am sure all is going well.

    So please keep well.


    P.S. I just read your pre Missionary Post re: London and SUGAR! Walking a fine line there man. Anyway look after yourself.

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