Last pre-mission entry: Stake Conference

November 1, 2009

This will technically be, and might very well be the last entry I make before my mission. Because as of 1.30pm on Sunday after Stake Conference, I will be set apart as a missionary, and my life as a missionary will officially start.

Stayed up till too late to tidy up my room, and leave it in a good condition as I prepare to leave. Rearranged the shelves slightly, sealed up the Gundam displays so they don’t collect 2 years worth of dust, and generally make things look neat and tidy.

Went to the Saturday session of Stake Conference today, the first ones ever that I’ve attended on Saturdays, mainly because I had to see my Stake President to be interviewed before getting set apart tomorrow.  I always thought Stake Conferences were boring affairs, that is probably whenever I’ve been, I’ve never paid enough attention to the talks, but since I actually hold some interest in what is being talked about. I found the talks quite enjoyable, and was pleasantly surprised.

To make it a even better day for me, I watched my last Match of the Day until a long while later, but what a program tonight, very exciting matches, plenty of goals and action. Best of all, Arsenal beat Tottenham 3-0 in the North London Derby! I’m kind of glad I’ll be sent to Toronto, where the people living in Canada are not too interested in football or “soccer” as they call it over there, eitherwise I can just imagine I’ll be distracted constantly.

I still have to pack my music with me, either on my mp3, as cds for my discman, or my minidisc. I’ll probably leave the minidisc at home, as it is too expensive a piece of kit to get damaged, but I’ll probably do that tomorrow or early next morning, as I’m going to retired to bed for now.


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