3 Days left…

October 30, 2009

Whoa, I have arrived at the last weekend before setting off to the MTC. Haven’t really had time to blog last couple of days, because I’ve been so busy.

On Wednesday morning, went to the Temple in the morning, had a few bit and pieces also need to buy from the Temple Resource Centre, manage to take some pictures of the beautiful autumn colours.


Temple in Oct

Dwayne came for a few hours to do some last minute downloading from my hard drives, totally did not have enough time before setting off to London to meet Alex & Yoshi. Yoshi unfortunately couldn’t make it in the end, would’ve like the opportunity to treat him to dinner to thank you him for showing me round in Tokyo.

Went to this Malay resturarant simple called C&R Resturant just on one of the alleys near Chinatown, for London prices, the food was reasonably priced and tasted quite nice. Had Hainan Chicken Rice(海南雞飯), which I often joked about wanting to eat in Leicester with Danny, never knew I could actually eat it in London before.

After dinner, went over to SNOG in Soho for yougurt desert, while bit on the expensive side, it was quite fun. In fact most of the night was quite fun. The topic of conversations mainly involved Dwayne and sugar, but thanks guys for a good night out!


Pretty lights in SNOG


Fruity yogurt - kiwi, mango & strawberry.


Dwayn'es all sugar yogurt

To top the night off, manage to get home to catch bit of Carling Cup highlights, where i saw my beloved Arsenal beat Liverpool.

Thursday was crazily busy also. Had to go for dental check up and dental hygienist appointment to make sure my teeth and dental implants (which cost the NHS so much money, about 25k I think) were in good condition. Later in the afternoon, went to GP to get a prescription for my asthma inhalers, seriously not looking forward to any potential detrimental effects on my health cause by extremely cold weather in Toronto in the upcoming winter.

Then spent rest of the night packing. I have the challenge of fitting everything I need to take with me for the 2 years from home in one suitcase, and weight limit of 23Kgs.

Retired to bed early because I was so exhausted. Slept till 11am this morning, currently still feeling tired, I think I got cold as well…*sigh* (just what I need right now!)


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