Farewell talk at Selsdon, 8 days to go.

October 25, 2009

Got back late from Norwich after a fun weekend away staying at Danny’s flat. Was pretty beat, so had to bed about 1am, (would’ve been 2am if the clocks didn’t go back for DST).

So, comes my last sunday at Selsdon, for the next 2 years anyway, and explictily because it was my last sunday, I had to give a talk; the topic being: “How I’ve prepared myself to serve a honourable mission.”

Me & David Sheppard had been given the excat same topic to speak about, but had totally different approaches, used different scriptural references, therefore only overlapped each other’s talk slightly when covering the obivious about daily scripture study, testimony, which I didn’t make the focus of my talk. Mine was focused about how I’ve been prepared by the people around me.

Anyway, all that was well went well. The nerves didn’t get the better of me, I was composed (as much as possible), speaking clearly, projecting my voice. Could’ve looked up at the audience a bit more, and not spin my pencil as fast as I did around fingers. But eitherwise, it was ok, and probably one of many talks I will be giving during my mission.

Just wondering however, will I be speaking in English or Cantonese the next time I give a talk or bear my testimony?



  1. ^^ gd for you gege…didn’t know david was giving the same talk… is he gonna go on a mission soon as well? got his papers in? you’ll probably spend it liiittle bit longer preparing for ur talks nxt time ;P…

  2. just read your talk btw – loved it.. ❤

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