Peace at the Temple

October 18, 2009

Whoa, is a beautiful place isn’t it. The London Temple located in Godstone (somewhere in Kent). Went there yesterday with my favourite couple and good friends, Ben & Emma. Unfortunately, it didn’t look so nice when i went today. The trees still have their leaves in autumn colours.

It always very nice to be able to visit the temple, I actually think it’s great to go on the weekend, makes a change from me sitting at my desk with my headphones on, following the football intensely on the BBC Football website and Radio 5 Live, which is where you usually find me during the day on saturday.

We attended the last session on the saturday, which was suprisingly empty for a weekend. I won’t really talk about what goes on there, because we hold the things that goes on there sacred, but not secret.  The peace and tranquility there I experience there really helps to refreshes ands relaxes my mind, and most importantly, removes any stressful distractions of the outside world.

Me, Ben & Emma at the London Temple yesterday.

Me, Ben & Emma at the London Temple yesterday.

What I’m going to write now, is purely my personal opinion, the feeling I get in the temple, I can sometimes sense something similar when I listen to really good, beautiful music. Its definitely not  sames spiritual experience, but in terms of the releasing of oneself from stress and tension, listening to music with my headphones on, isolated from other things is a experience I always enjoy. Recently one song really comes into mind.

Ayaka – Minna Sora no Shita

This is simply a most beautiful song, even if you don’t undertand what is being sung in the lyrics, the setting of the music video, or PV(promotional video) as the japanese calls it, Ayaka’s gorgeous vocie just projecting the feelings and emotions towards the viewer.  It gives a overwhelming sense of my worries taken away from me, everytime I listen to this song. The sound quality of the video is a not very good, so please feel to download the PV rip of the song here.

It was my 2nd to last Sunday at my home ward, Selsdon. It would really be sad not to be there for two years, I think I’ll really miss it, but I’m sure there are many wards and chapels I’ll serve at on my mission which will be fantastic. But nevertheless Selsdon Ward will always have a special place in my heart.

Just to end this post with another beautiful picture of the London Temple.



  1. I really thought the first picture was off the internet, it is really beautiful. Must be peaceful inside.

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