16 days left and counting…

October 17, 2009

With just barely over 2 weeks left of my pre-missionary life, it’s been finely balanced about finalizing things and sorting stuff out in this stage of my life alongside preparing to go on my mission.

Today I’ve planned out possibly my busiest thursday EVER. On the 29th, only few days before I leave, I’ve booked myself three seperate medically related appointments.  In the morning, gotta go see the dentist and especially a dental hygenists to ensure my teeth and more imporant my precious dental implants are in good healthy condition.  In the afternoon, gotta head over to the local surgery to pick up my supply of asthma inhaler, as the cold weather in Toronto is not going to do my asthma any good, fortunately, my asthma hasn’t related affected me much generally, so the inhaler is just a safe guard more than anything else.

Finally posted the last of my required details to the Toronto East Mission address, should’ve really done it sooner, but my poor organisational skills is one thing I definitely wish to rid off during my mission,  also took my best sunday suit to the dry cleaners, who charged an extorionate £9 to clean it.

Another noteworthy mention is my attempt to buy shoes, went shopping at www.office.co.uk, to my surprise, the prices there are fairly decent, been looking to buy myself a pair of Onitsuka Tiger trainers to use on during my daily morning excercises, there are probably cheaper options out there, but I’ve always wanted a pair, and my failure to buy a pair on Tokyo trip has only made me wanted them even more.  I will head out to Bromley tomorrow to try them out, if the price is the same as the website, buy time there as well, if not, I’ll just buy online.


One comment

  1. dic dic~
    seems like u enjoying ur new life! good good…
    dmu club went to regional champs yesterday!
    and i met ur instructor (forgot his name… anyway u know who i mean)! as u actually didnt tell him anythg about ur new ‘job’ i hv done it for u! he seems quite surprise hahaha
    anyway i won my first gold medal in my life (in pattern…again) and a bronze in sparring~~~!!!
    mwhahahaha come to leics when u finish!!!

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